If you're a reasonably intelligent person with kindness and love in your heart, then listening to Stephenie Meyer talk will make you want to stick a nuke in your ear. The same applies to reading what she's written, except with your eye.

And I'm not just talking about her horrible vampire fanfic. No, I'm talking about the NONFICTION stuff she spouts. I'm talking about interviews and FAQs, where you're bludgeoned by how dumb she is. They're also not very frequently updated, since the Twilight FAQ has people asking if they're gonna make a movie. Ugh. I may cut out questions like that, depending on how stupid they are.

Twilight - The Story
Twilight FAQ
Twilight - Forks

New Moon - The Story
New Moon FAQ
New Moon Extras

Eclipse FAQ

Breaking Dawn Pre-Release Message
Breaking Dawn FAQ

Midnight Sun Wankery

Stephenie Meyer - Favorite Books

The Twilight Saga - The Official Illustrated Guide

Female Force - Stephenie Meyer - Yeah, this isn't TECHNICALLY Smeyer's own authorial madness, but it is a shitty biographical comic book. How bad? Just watch.
Female Force - Stephenie Meyer Part Two