Once upon a time, an author wrote a vampire novel about an angst vampire with a tragic past. Then in her second novel, she did a switcheroo and featured the vaguely villainous figure of the first book as the adored male lead.

No, I am NOT talking about Anne Rice. "The Vampire Lestat" didn't introduce a gothy Mary Sue who entrances Lestat and turns out to be the antisocial demi-vampire genius prodigy hottiepants that everyone is obsessed by. That ghastly plot twist was reserved for Amelia Atwater Rhodes, who essentially wanted to boff her male lead (and no, I don't know why. He ain't that awesome - he's Lestat Lite).

Just a note: This is the second novel Atwater-Rhodes did, and the reason I'm not doing the first book is... it's not that bad. It's not GREAT, but it's certainly not horrible on the level that this and her successive vampire books are.