Welcome to your week!

Have some complimentary mints and a menu!

Embrace it, and remember that whatever bad thing is in the past let it be past.

… okay, dunno where THAT came from. What does bad stuff in your past have to do with embracing your week? It's almost like LKH is indeed remembering bad stuff from the past, but instead of being honest about her feelings, she starts flinging out pithy Oprahisms.

Take the lessons from it, but don't let it make you bitter. We are only victims so long as we let the memory of the pain victimize us. Those of us who have survived abuse, and loss, we are stronger for it. We are the swords reforged in the fires of pain and tragedy. We have already been tested by events that most people will never experience, let alone survive. We're here. We're alive. We are living our lives, and that is the greatest victory. It is a triumph over all the bastards that ever raised their hand to us, tore our hearts out, or left through death. We are the strong ones. We are not the broken. We are the reforged, the remade; we have already been stronger than most people will ever understand. Take faith in that, faith in yourself; you can do it, whatever it is, because just being here today is a victory. Go forward, and know that you will pass others today that have their own tragedies, and look at all of us, we're still here, the past did not destroy us, the past was destroyed, and we move into the now.

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