Bad movies come in different "types." You have big-budget shitefests like Twilight, you have movies that are notorious for being by people who don't understand moviemaking like Birdemic and The Room, and then... there are movies like Merlin: The Return. It was kind of both at once, with some name actors somehow railroaded into it, but with no budget and directorial talent at all.

I admit that I had never actually heard about this movie until I saw it, because... I mistakenly thought it was a sequel to another movie/miniseries that had flaws, but at least TRIED to be something new and different, instead of being a cringeworthy hodgepodge of every time travel/fantasy family movie ever fucking made.

merlin%2Bmovie%2Bcover.jpg merlin%2Bthe%2Breturn%2Bmovie%2Bcover.jpg

Guess why I made this mistake. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... won't happen because I'm going to google this kinda thing next time.

  • Merlin - The Return Part 1
  • Merlin - The Return Part 2

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