Strictly speaking, this book hasn't really been released yet - Stephenie Meyer apparently wrote it because she and the sparkle groupies need their fix of effeminate bipolar vampires. Then somebody released the rough draft, and she threw a massive bitchfit because.... well, no real reason. Frankly, since she hasn't written anything new in YEARS, I think she just felt lazy. So the book is on indefinite hold until... when, whenever she needs to build a new shrine to her sparkly imaginary soulmate.

Anyway, it's basically the same story as Twilight, but instead of the whiny entitled selfish stalkerbitch Bella, it's from the perspective of the whiny entitled selfish stalkerbitch Edward. I can only assume that when Meyers wants a new fleet of Volvos, she'll write the series from the perspective of Jacob too.

And because I hate everyone, here it is: Midnight Sun.


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