This is a home for all the stuff that doesn't belong elsewhere. I've begin snarking things that don't fit neatly into any author category - fan fiction, media tie-ins, and one-off novels that might or might not get their own author page someday.

But for now, all these things belong... HERE.


  • Battlefield Earth - The legendary magnum opus from the guy who brought us Scientology. Was once adapted into a movie where John Travolta plays a Rasta Klingon who makes you question how the conquering aliens haven't accidentally killed themselves with spoons.

  • The Quick Or The Dead? - A shocking, controversial novel of sex, love and passion... from 1888. Yes, this is a bestseller of yesteryear that has been rightfully forgotten.

  • Vampire Kisses - How do you make goths, vampires and everything else in the world profoundly uncool?

  • Ghostlight - What happens when Marion Zimmer Bradley tries to write a ghost story with a smart, skeptical protagonist? Whatthefuckery, bitchery and unintentional camp, that's what!

  • Star Trek - Not Star Trek itself, but the tie-in novels that boldly went... not much of anywhere.

Fan Fiction

  • My Immortal - Oh yes. This one. The most infamous fanfic in Internet history, wherein the entire Harry Potter mythos is revamped into a mallgoth's wet dream. Weep and wither away.

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