Carmen has a slight olive tone to her pale skin.

Her skin is totally white and delightsome and has no pigment whatsoever, but it's also olive! Because olive coloring isn't pigmentation or anything!


Her hair is long and dark. Although she speaks flawless English, Spanish is her native language. SPECIAL ABILITIES: She does not possess a quantifiable supernatural ability. FAMILY/COVEN RELATIONSHIPS: She is part of a coven with Garrett, Katrina, and Tanya, and formerly Irina. Eleazar is her mate. They adopted the sisters‘ philosophy and were welcomed into the coven. PERSONAL HISTORY: When Carmen fell in love with Eleazar, he was a member of the Volturi. Carmen had no talent to interest the Volturi, so she was not invited to join. For a while Eleazar worked for the Volturi while living with Carmen, but he felt the strain between his two worlds. Carmen was troubled by the violence of Eleazar‘s everyday life. Eventually he asked for and was granted permission to leave. Carmen and Eleazar spent several years traveling together and living as traditional vampires. But they sought a more peaceful existence and were pleased to meet the Denali sisters, who lived a ―vegetarian‖ lifestyle. They adopted the sisters‘ philosophy and were welcomed into the coven. FAMOUS QUOTE “May I hold you, bebé linda?” Breaking Dawn, Chapter 30</b>

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