The Egyptian coven is one of the oldest covens—if not the very oldest—in existence. The remaining coven is just a fraction of the size of the original, but they still hunt on their traditional lands.

Yes, this IS the entire fucking page.

Cause This is Filler! Filler Night! ( From the Nostalgia Critic Casper review)00:13

Cause This is Filler! Filler Night! ( From the Nostalgia Critic Casper review)

And with that in mind, I would like to ask a simple question. The entire reason the Cullens are living in Forks is allegedly because there's not a lot of sunlight. None of the vampires are allowed to reveal their presence to mortals, and a single shaft of sunlight can screw it all up.

So explain to me WHYYYYYYY a coven would settle in Egypt?! That is the LAST place you would expect them to go. Egypt is not known for its lack of sunlight. It is known for being extremely sunny, having very little shade, being pretty densely populated, and having lots of social unrest and religious extremists who would probably be quick to blow up the glittering vampires.

I mean what, was Russia or northern China just TOO FREAKING OBVIOUS?!

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