Oh boy. This is a big one. This is... this is a legend. A rare, unicorn-like legend of diamond-like brilliance.


Have you ever seen Plan 9 From Outer Space? It sucks, but there's almost a poetic beauty to how MUCH it sucks, how earnest it is despite everything about it being WRONG. Nothing in it is done right. And yet you can't stop watching, and you can't stop enjoying the awfulness of it.

And that is what The Eye of Argon is like.

If you're a geek, you've probably heard of this novella because it has become the ultimate genre buttmonkey. And yes, it is every bit as bad as its reputation claims - a giant festering glob of writing so horrible that it actually counts as having NEGATIVE quality. It's as if Conan the Barbarian ate a thesaurus, took acid and threw up - and this was the result. It's so bad that it almost staggers the imagination, and you just can't stop reading.

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