Once upon a time, there was a lady who wrote vampire books. Only the first three were really really good, and after that they became kinda tedious, and then they got so bad that your eyes might start bleeding.

Then she decided that she was now a Catholic and would only write books about angels and Jesus (in the first person, people. WHAT THE HELL?).

Then a couple years later, she rejected Catholicism AGAIN, but didn't notify anyone of this until she had sold all the possible copies of her "spiritual memoir" about how wonderful it was to be a Christian again. Clearly it was a purely ethical move, with purely ethical timing, and not an attempt to milk her readership for all it was worth.

That is a super-sane smile right there.

And now Anne Rice is back in spookyville, probably because she realized that a whole supernatural craze was going on without her and there was money to be made. So since she had already sworn off vampires (until Prince Lestat) she came in on the tail end of the post-Twilight vampire/werewolf fad with her own werewolf books... except she refuses to use the word "werewolf," I guess because it's too plebe a word.

After all, "werewolf" implies a... werewolf. No, she writes about the "Man-Wolf" or the "Morphenkinder," who are spiritual and smart and superior to all us grubby humans (except gay teenagers, who are all shining flawless saints). They are also all rich, white, ostentatious and possessing a moon-sized sense of noblesse oblige.

  • The Wolf Gift Chapter 1
  • The Wolf Gift Chapter 2

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