The Iliad is one of the oldest works of fiction in the Western world. It's one of the most enduring epics. It's the prelude to the legendary Odyssey. And it melded together myth and reality seamlessly into an amazing story of hubris, tragedy, the cruelty of fate and the losses of war.

So it really fucking deserves a better movie adaptation thanTroy. Seriously, it took until the 21st century for a movie adaptation that ANYONE knows about, and it still SUCKED this much? The only other one I can think of isHelen of Troy,which managed to turn the Trojan War into a family soap opera.

Now Greek myth/history movies are big business, so it's a shame that it didn't get a more dramatic, mythic treatment. Let's look at how this puppy failed.

  • Troy Part 1
  • Troy Part 2

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