Okay, I jest... no, I don't. I don't read a lot of Sword&Sorcery. In fact, I read almost none of it, because it's.... just not my sort of stuff. But I know just enough to recommend something other than this story. Here's what I have to recommend:

Robert E. Howard


This is the guy who first came up with the infamous sword-and-sorcery type of story, as well as the noble barbarian Conan. I haven't read this guy in a long time, but creating any iconic character is pretty impressive, and he was very good at what he did.

Fritz Leiber


This is one of the few S&S series that I have read, mainly because it has such strong, well-developed characters and such a murky raw quality to its writing. In fact, even though one of the characters is this big brawny guy, you can't even really compare it to Conan-wannabe stories like Theis - it's just so rich and well-developed.

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